This is my story

I absolutely love photography and it has done so much for me as a person. I have a love for the art and I know that I will always be working to grow in my craft.

I have many dreams and goals for my photography, but on the journey to reaching them I love that it gives me a creative outlet to express myself while also providing a service to others by giving them special memories to cherish forever. This means more to me than any goal I could ever set for myself.

I’m from a small town in Central Arkansas. I love what I do, but above all I love my family. I spend what little free time I have building furniture or making projects with my husband. Many of the props that I use in my shoots are designed and made by me so you can always know that nobody else is capturing the same thing. I’m typically a homebody, but I love to explore and get a major case of wanderlust if I go to long without traveling.

My life as a wife and sister to four siblings has truly taken me to new heights in my never ending journey as a photographer. There is nothing I would love more than to capture the true essence and special bond between a family, provide a special keepsake for an individual, or stop time and keep your kids young forever because children grow wings and fly before we are all really ready to let them go. I hope you give me the privilege of documenting that which is most special to you. Your own family, your story, you.

I hope to hear from you soon!

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Mandy May Photography